Exploration Groups

lightbulb BIG IDEA: A Systematic Approach to Apologetics
This study group seeks to systematically explore many of the big questions of faith and life, such as:
  • Do faith and reason conflict?
  • Does God exist?
  • Was Jesus more than a man?
  • Are the claims of Christianity arrogant?
  • What about the problem of evil?
  • And the perennial question, if you were a brain in a vat, could you know?
This study begins in the fall and meets one hour a week. WARNING: this study is not for the faint-hearted. However, it is open to big thinkers of all (or no) faith positions, and is truly a discussion group. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, for those who like this sort of thing, it is just the kind of study they would love! Because of the systematic, cumulative and challenging nature of this discussion, it is closed after the first few sessions.
God and War image GOD AND WAR
Upon demand, this reading group will meet once a week and read and discuss various topics such as Four Views of the Cannanite Genocide, just war theology, pacifism beliefs and other topics related to theology and war. This study will meet upon demand, starting in fall 2013. It is an open group.
God and War image WELLSPRING: Exploring the Good, the True, and the Beautiful
Wellspring is a lecture/discussion series is dedicated to exploring a wide spectrum of subjects, and is held several times a semester. Speakers are usually from academic various fields discussing topics related to their fields. Past Wellspring have included:
  • Natural Law and Biology: Dr. Mike Stinson
  • The Notion of Personhood from a legal prospective; Ken Myers of Mars Hill Audio Magazine
  • Paul and the Stoics on the Nature of Human Freedom: Dr. Edward Dixon, Emory
  • The Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture and what it tells us about America: Dr. Drew Trotter, CCSC
  • God and Politics: The German Church Movement and the Third Reich: David Skove
  • Delight and the Law: Dr. Bob Hall, Hampden-Sydney
  • Jesus and the Law: A Rabbi Looks at Jesus’ Impact and Relationship to the Law: Rabbi Jamie Cohen

We have several intriguing topics coming up. Check back in the fall for the fall 2013-2014 Wellspring lecture schedule.