Christian Study Center Movement

What is the Study Center model? Most study centers have some kind of physical building. Many have a residential program; still others provide vocational discernment. Cogito hopes to have a physical building in the future, but we don’t at this time. We also don't have a vocational program, although that is “in the queue,” as they say. Does COGITO fit the study center model? It turns out that “model” might be the wrong word as study centers around the country have no one template. Having said that, study centers do hold commonalities:

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Consortium of Christian Study Centers' Annual Meeting Summer 2016

In addition to serving individual students, Cogito is committed to the flourishing of Hampden-Sydney College as a whole and believes in and supports its mission of forming “Good men, Good citizens.” We believe a robust commitment to exploring issues of faith at a compelling level will contribute to Hampden-Sydney’s larger mission.